California State University, Monterey Bay’s Official Student-run Newspaper.

The Otter Realm is a bi-monthly campus newspaper that covers Cal State Monterey Bay (CSUMB). The goal of The Otter Realm is to educate, inform, entertain and motivate people about what is going on at the university.


100 Campus Center Bldg 4
Seaside, CA 93955
NEWS: (831) 582-4066
ADVERTISING: (831) 578-9596
EMAIL: otterrealm@csumb.edu
OFFICE HOURS: Wed. 12-2pm,
Wave Hall (Bldg. 4)

Editorial Policy

The Otter Realm is a student publication produced by the HCOM 387 and HCOM 389 classes. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Otter Realm, CSUMB administration, faculty or staff.

The Otter Realm serves two purposes: It is a training lab for students who wish to develop journalism skills, and it is a forum for free expression of campus issues and news. The Otter Realm Editorial Board will determine what to print on these pages and reserves the right to edit for libel, space or clarity.

Advertising revenue supports Otter Realm publications and events. Letters to the Editor should include first and last name and should be less than 300 words, submitted via email. The Otter Realm will not publish anonymous letters and reserve the right to reject any Letter to the Editor for any reason.

Kelly Galten

Production Manager:
Kimberly Haley

Online Editor:
Sean Roney

Multimedia Manager:
Dylan Avnet

Toutoua Vang

Advertising/Distribution Manager:
Valerie Balanon

Production Assistants:
Carolina Caldas

Staff Reporters:

Estella Porras

Administration Support:
Wendy Rutledge

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