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Associated Students Candidates

April 17, 2017

This article was written by Dylan Avnet

Meet the students running for a spot in CSUMB’s student government!

To hear more about the candidates and their positions, watch the full speeches on The OtterRealm’s YouTube account.

Vote between these candidates April 17-19, online.

“When you vote for me, you will be voting for progress.” Jared Reyes, an Associated Students (AS) officer running for the position of Vice President of External Affairs, closes his speech with a promise of hope and change at the AS election forum. While Reyes’s sentiment is strong and words are powerful, it is unclear how many students actually heard them.

With a crowd of 30 on a campus of more than 7,000, active participation and involvement in CSUMB’s student government still remains a concern.

Reyes, along with the eight other AS candidates, gathered last Monday in the Student Center to deliver speeches to a small crowd of Cal State Monterey Bay students. While roughly 30 students attended the forum, others in the Student Center seemed less than phased when the candidates took stage to discuss a wide variety of campus issues and highlight their individual platforms for the upcoming academic year. With a crowd of 30 on a campus of more than 7,000, active participation and involvement in CSUMB’s student government still remains a concern. The less than stellar turnout, however, was only contrasted by the truly passionate and driven candidates that took to the podium.

In order for candidates to run for elected positions, they must meet certain requirements: they must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0, be enrolled in six semester units per term while running for office, must have completed at least one semester at CSUMB before the election, and candidates for the presidency must have at least one semester as an officer in AS. When elected, the president has a wide range of responsibilities including to serve as a voting member of multiple boards across campus, meeting regularly with the Dean of Students, and to “ensure the organization stays aligned with its Annual Stability Plan and Five Year Strategic Plan.” A full list of responsibilities can be found on the AS website.

AS is an organization that “seeks to serve, empower, and represent students in all areas of student concern.” It is clear from the candidates’ speeches that they all aim to do just that, and it is now in the hands of our student body to vote for who they think can best represent them. From April 17-19, students will be able to vote online to determine who will be granted a seat in CSUMB’s student government.


Lauren McClain
“I am very passionate about student advocacy and I want to continue the work I have done this year on projects such as the Food Pantry, securing student representation, and providing laptop rentals. I plan to continue working on these projects, as well as starting a new campaign around affordable learning materials by writing a resolution in support and doing campus research around the topic. I also hope to work on the unity and collaboration of AS with other student organizations.”


Executive Vice President

Nate Bond
“As the Executive Vice President, I could do a great deal in holding the officers in the upcoming year accountable and making sure our organization is working efficiently. In the upcoming year AS will be diving into an organizational restructure and I hope to be in a position where I can manage the transitions and assure that moving forward we are able to do our duties advocating for the students in a professional and more effective manner.”

Vice President of University Affairs

Esteban Castillo
“As a student leader, I believe that it is important to have the students’ voices heard and keep everyone’s best interests at heart. If elected, I [will] proudly stand on behalf of the students and create more opportunities for dialogues between Residential life, AS, and the Alumni association board department.”



Vice President of External Affairs

Jared Reyes
“I am running for this position to advocate for CSUMB students’ needs, further develop my leadership/advocacy skills, and help create a positive, lasting impact. One of my main goals through this position is to increase student awareness of the legislative process and local legislators, giving information on how to be involved.”



Melissa Arellano
“If given the opportunity to serve as the Vice President of External Affairs, I would want to mandate the inclusion between the school, community, and state. This will allow people to equally have their voices heard and will acquire information that will allow me to act upon it.



Diversity & Inclusion Senator

Michelle Vazquez
“I want to take my advocacy for inclusivity and equity from a residential life to serving the campus community as a whole. I am ready to be YOUR voice to promote and advocate for a space of inclusion.




Mikaela Motta
“Making people happy and comfortable is something I am passionate about. My goals are to make sure all students feel comfortable and safe while being on campus.”



College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Services Senator

Maddy Maurer
“I wish to represent students at the administrative level to advocate for better major-specific resources. I will organize and facilitate meetings between students and faculty within CAHSS to enable positive change and growth within our college.”





College of Science Senator

Kate Ingram
“If elected, my main goals would be to provide unification across all majors within the College of Science as well as continue to inform students about their representation through AS and what I can do to advocate for them and their campus.”

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