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Do you deserve your Dreams?

Summer provides a host of opportunities to achieve our goals, from pursuing that dream job, taking a vacation, or even getting fit. In summer, as in any other time of the year, the largest determining factor in your own success is you. It’s quite common to end up standing still or quitting in the face…
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A Letter from the AS President

Congrats Seniors! Hello Otters! To those of you who will be graduating at the end of this semester, congratulations! No matter how long it took you to graduate, you all made it and I am so happy for you. I hope you always keep the Otter spirit with you. To those of you continuing on…
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Farewell from Editor-in-Chief

Well, here we are; the end of another year. Some of us will be graduating, going on to bigger and better things. Some will be continuing the good fight here, making grades and keeping our heads up. Some of us will be preparing to graduate next year, figuring out capstone and future endeavors. As I…
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Arousing Design

I recall noting with our previous production manager, Kimberly Haley about how seducing design can be. It was astonishing to find someone who also found typefaces and formatting sensually appealing. Of course, this perspective of design isn’t automatically accepted. A fellow C.D. major had glanced at my browser bookmarks and found a folder marked “XXX.”…
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Stay Strong

The Oxford English Dictionary defines motivation as, “The general desire or willingness of someone to do something; drive, enthusiasm.” Motivation is exactly what is lacking on college campuses around the last third of the semester, otherwise known as right now. Students have hit the annual spring slump, which always coincides with professors piling on the…
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A Letter from the A.S. President

Election Results Hello Otters! Thank you to everyone who voted in our AS Elections in mid-April. I am so excited and honored to have been elected to serve as your AS President for one more year. It has been a great time working with the students on this campus and I am looking forward to…
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A New Age for the Otter Realm

As many who are part of the Human Communications department and major know, an email was sent last week regarding some radical changes to the structure of the Otter Realm. The administration has decided, for various reasons, that the newspaper will no longer be housed in the HCOM department. Instead, it will be part of…
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Why We Need Abuse Education

As a decided feminist, I am passionate about helping the victims of sexual assault. There are many shocking statistics about college women experiencing this trauma. Their sisters and brothers who are experiencing abuse emotionally, physically, mentally, and digitally need to be recognized as well. Victims of abuse are not lepers to society – they are…
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Your Mental Health in College

“Some students work themselves to the bone and are just getting by.” The life of a college student is nothing short of hectic. Classes, a job, social lives, and family are all forces pulling us in different directions. The amount of stress placed on our shoulders is often crushing and sometimes unbearable. Some students work…
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Identify Politics: Who’s the Enemy?

The United States is beautiful because of our diversity. However, identity politics, which seeks to divide rather than unite, is rampant on our campus. Both the left and right engage in this destructive thinking. We need to focus on how each of us is able to uniquely contribute, rather than hunt for incompatibilities. The left…
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Anger Cancels Good Judgment

Recent riots at United States universities have given reason to question the status of free speech in the nation’s colleges, and we as local students should consider how free or unfree we are on this campus. To gauge the status, consider how you react to political opinions that differ greatly from your own. While I…
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The World is watching (again)

The year is 1968. America is embroiled in Vietnam, in a war that cannot be won, in the slaughter of soldiers and civilians alike. Martin Luther King Jr. has called this campaign “an unjust war,” and President Johnson is falling in the polls. But these things are not what changed history. College students changed history….
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Journalism Journey: Reliable Sources, Pt. 1

Finding reliable sources is a wide topic in journalism, one which will be the topic of multiple videos. In this first one, I discuss how to separate noise from reliability.

Journalism Journey: Forget Your Excuses

By Sean Roney Excuses are an unnecessary barrier to your career and development path. Jettison those useless constructs, and your own journey will be all the better for it.

Journalism Journey: Drop Preconceptions to Improve Listening

By Sean Roney Preconceptions get in the way of good listening. Good listening is an essential skill for a great reporter.

Journalism Journey: Photo Perspectives

Improving photographs with any camera is as easy as shifting your perspective. And that’s as easy as moving around a little bit. I show you how little, as in mere inches, to dramatically change your photos.  

Halt the Hike: Huddle and Holler or Hollow Howl?

Student groups prepare to protest increased tuition, but is there student outrage? By Sean Roney, Online Editor Protest preparations are underway by students in the California State University system as they face a proposed 5 percent tuition increase for all 23 campuses, set to take effect in the upcoming Fall semester. The protests need to…
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Journalism Journey: Useless Classes and Beats are Valuable Tools

By Sean Roney It’s easy to write off certain classes and beats as useless, but it turns out everything can be a valuable tool. You just need to have the perspective that you’re building up a tool belt.

Journalism Journey: Sports are about People

Sports stories are more than just stats and scores. At the heart of the genre is storytelling about people, which means you need to make your sports stories about the athletes. What’s the easiest way to do that?

Journalism Journey: Why do Student Editors Tend to be Bad?

By Sean Roney My advice for journalists is to talk to your editor. But for student journalists with many questions, they tend to find their student editors aren’t as helpful as expected. There’s a perfectly logical reason for this.

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