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Journalism Journey: Reliable Sources, Pt. 1

Finding reliable sources is a wide topic in journalism, one which will be the topic of multiple videos. In this first one, I discuss how to separate noise from reliability.

Journalism Journey: Forget Your Excuses

By Sean Roney Excuses are an unnecessary barrier to your career and development path. Jettison those useless constructs, and your own journey will be all the better for it.

Journalism Journey: Drop Preconceptions to Improve Listening

By Sean Roney Preconceptions get in the way of good listening. Good listening is an essential skill for a great reporter.

Journalism Journey: Photo Perspectives

Improving photographs with any camera is as easy as shifting your perspective. And that’s as easy as moving around a little bit. I show you how little, as in mere inches, to dramatically change your photos.  

Journalism Journey: Useless Classes and Beats are Valuable Tools

By Sean Roney It’s easy to write off certain classes and beats as useless, but it turns out everything can be a valuable tool. You just need to have the perspective that you’re building up a tool belt.

Journalism Journey: Sports are about People

Sports stories are more than just stats and scores. At the heart of the genre is storytelling about people, which means you need to make your sports stories about the athletes. What’s the easiest way to do that?

Journalism Journey: Why do Student Editors Tend to be Bad?

By Sean Roney My advice for journalists is to talk to your editor. But for student journalists with many questions, they tend to find their student editors aren’t as helpful as expected. There’s a perfectly logical reason for this.

Journalism Journey: Passing Isn’t Enough

By Sean Roney Simply getting passing grades, or even high grades, isn’t enough in the journalism world. If you want to hit the ground running after graduation, you need to go above and beyond expectations. You have what it takes to prove you’re a supernova of talent.

Journalism Journey: Why Badges are Useless

By Sean Roney Press badges are nice, but the fact they can be made so easily should be a sign how legitimate they are. Skip the feels and deal with the reals, they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. There’s a much better idea to use, anyway, which I tell you about.

Journalism Journey: What Personalities Do Best At Journalism?

Journalism Journey: Sticking to Facts

By Sean Roney Facts are needed to help stay objective, because jumping to conclusions, even well-informed ones, leads to weaker stories.

Journalism Journey: The Importance of Local Faces and Places

By Sean Roney Local content draws more attention than something your readers won’t recognize. Why not use your skills to collect stories and photos with local flavor?

Journalism Journey: The Importance of Rambling

By Sean Roney Getting your subjects to talk on end is the most helpful way to get longer quotes. You can boost the quality of not only your quotes, but the overall interview as well, if you let your subjects ramble a little during your Q&A sessions.

Journalism Journey: Create Your Own Opportunities

By Sean Roney Rising above the competition in media means creating your own gateways and opportunities when none are present. Make sure to impress potential employers with a take-charge spirit.

Journalism Journey: Remember Your Subjects are Human

By Sean Roney News can put focus on the subject or the story, but to be a great journalism you need to keep your sense of empathy and remember that your subjects are people with feelings and lives.

Journalism Journey: Building Contacts

By Sean Roney Your contacts list is one of your greatest resources as a journalist, which is why you need to always be on the lookout for new entries. Here are a few tips for spotting contacts as you go about your normal student life.

Journalism Journey: Crucible of Deadlines and Chaos

By Sean Roney Journalism, especially student journalism, includes much chaos thanks to the deadlines mixed with your normal student life. The advantage is, if you can handle the chaos, you’ll be a better writer for the whole experience.

Journalism Journey: The Most Needed Skill in Reporting

By Sean Roney Being adept at technology is nice, and having vocabulary prowess is wonderful, but they pale in comparison to the mightiest skill of any reporter. That’s right, the ability to listen attentively and make a sound observation is the key to quality reporting.

Journalism Journey: Preparing for the Future of Journalism

By Sean Roney Properly preparing for the future of journalism requires knowing where the major job and opportunity markets will be. Do you think it will be print or online?

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