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Chief Eats: Marina Donuts & Bagels

April 17, 2017

This article was written by Kelly Galten

There are hidden gems in every town; places that only locals know of, establishments that are tucked so far away you never find them, and destinations whose shabby and unassuming exterior conceal a beauty. Marina Donuts and Bagels is falls in this last category. The exterior, matching the look of the strip mall that houses it, is rather seedy and hidden. There is almost no ambiance inside, either, but your loyal review was dying for a bagel. It was plain and nofuss, with white walls, blank tables and chairs, and few decorations.

The color shone from the food cases, however. Donuts called their delicious siren song, bagels promised homey breakfast comfort, and the coffee wafted with a strong assurance of wakefulness. Your reviewer spied, to her delight, a salt bagel. It was toasted perfectly, with the right amount of salt. There was an excess of butter, but that is not necessarily a detriment. The shop is cash-only, however, and this reporter rarely has paper money. However, several other establishments in the mall will give cash back.

So, finally, the score; given the shabby nature of the decor paired with the delectable food, Marina Donuts and Bagels receives a 3.5/5. The service and breakfast were lovely, but the location was a drawback. Nevertheless, Chief Eats adds one more to the list of favorites.

Marina Donuts and Bagels is located at 266 Reservation Rd, Suite #6, Marina.

Photos by Kelly Galten/Otter Realm

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