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CSUMB’s Track and Field Destined to Grow in upcoming Two Years

April 14, 2017

This article was written by Joel Soria

It all starts at the break of dawn for coach Greg Rhines and his team, as they pace their way around historic Freeman Stadium. The undergoing 2017 season marks the third season for the Otter Track Team, since its foundation back in 2015. Two years, three seasons, which have been replenished with positive outcomes for a team that has been unable to reach recognition from a majority of the Cal State University, Monterey Bay community.

The positive direction the team is grooving on should soon deliver awareness alongside with its planned expansion. The newest CSUMB sport that competes in NCAA’s second division can soon become the school’s next sensation.

“Well we are two years and we have had great success in two years,” said coach Rhines. “Our first year we had someone make nationals, which is really hard to do, only top 20 in the country go. Then our second year, someone made nationals again. This year we have a shot to go again with somebody else, and it’s really exciting. We are brand new and we are still growing, and we are starting to get sprints going, and next year we are trying to get field events. It’s a fledge-lane but really successful program so far.”

“I think with what we have and the support that we are given, we all do a fantastic job with staying dedicated,”

‘Growing stages’ for coach Rhines and his athletes brings upon a peculiar situation for a NCAA Division II Track and Field side. They are in the process of: fully integrating men to the team, being eligible for field competitions, and renovating the home stadium. Seems like enough obstacles to turn down recruits, but the Otter Track and Field team has more than convinced its athletes with the results justifying the case.

“I think with what we have and the support that we are given, we all do a fantastic job with staying dedicated,” said Senior General Studies major Jessica McIntyre. “We do have a weight trainer that has been working with us this year, and she makes our workouts towards running; working out muscles that runners would use, so that’s a new thing we have added in this year which is awesome.”

The recent success that has surrounded the Otter Track and Field team has not come with much school praise. From time to time, most students, faculty, and administration are unaware that school has a team along with the eight other sports. Coach Rhines and his athletes emphasized that a fundamental piece of expansion comes from the awareness of the school’s community.

“The more support, the more awareness from the community and the school then the better the track team is going to get, because the more people will have,” said McIntyre. “But a lot of people are starting to know that we have a cross-country team, but track is still pretty new…”

The question on the Otter Track and Field team’s expansion into a complete co-ed team and obtaining its own event eligible stadium is not a question of if it is happening, but of when. Like in all the other school’s sports; the Otters’ Track and Field team only strives for greatness.

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