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LatinX Protest Trump’s orders

April 14, 2017

This article was written by Andrea Topete

and Samantha Calderon.

The community in East Salinas marches in protest of future Executive orders. Photo by Andrea Topete/Otter Realm

Approximately 500 people united on April 1 in East Salinas to march in honor of Latino activist Cesar Chavez – and to send President Trump the message that he will not split the community.

Arturo Rodriguez, President of the United Farm Workers, wants to make sure President Trump understand that our community feeds the entire country. “Farm workers do the hardest work in the nation,” said Rodriguez. Over 50 percent of Latinx residents work in the agricultural industry. Future executive orders might separate families and impact Monterey County’s main economic force.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta said, “I invited President Trump to come to this event. I told him to get out of his golden tower and to come to the green coast.” Panetta said Trump did not listen to him, but that he will have to listen to the voices of our community.

Rapid response organization ¡Fuera la Migra! urges residents to contact if ICE is spotted. ¡Fuera la Migra! will read immigrant rights to anyone who is detained.

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