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Learning the meaning of Hijab

April 14, 2017

This article was written by Michelle Ortiz

April 4th the Otter Cross Cultural Center (OC3) held a Seminar /Workshop in the East Lounge of the Student Center. This event was based off the basics of Islam. The Q and A forum with guest speaker Nashwan Hamza answered all the questions about Islam that create a misconception between people today and what it means to be a Muslim in Trump’s America.

Islamic Awareness Week ends with participants sharing about what they have learned about Islam. Photo by Samantha Calderon/OtterRealm

The OC3 held other activities for the campus. Hijab Day at the Main Quad encouraged students to see life from the perspective of the Hijab. An Interfaith Dialogue was also held; people from many religious background and spiritual beliefs were able to share constructive and positive interaction amongst one another.

Iqra’ Chaudhry, organizer of plenty of the events, felt all these activities felt were necessary. She is a 3rd year Accounting major, national exchange student from Queens, New York, and felt it was necessary to host events like these at CSUMB to help the campus gain a better understanding of the Muslim lifestyle.

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