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Mending Monologues: Sexual Abuse Affects Everyone

April 14, 2017

This article was written by Brittany Glassman

Cal State Monterey Bay’s World Theater presents another year of “Healing Through Empowerment”

Tyler Beck performs “Forgive Yourself” at the Mending Monologues. The piece focuses on sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church and the coverups Photo by Brittany Glassman/Otte

In response to Vagina Monologues, California State University,Monterey Bay put on its annual performance of The Mending Monologues. The show was originally brought to CSUMB over 5 years ago; it is present at many college campuses, and even internationally present. This production, directed by Malcolm Tunnell and hosted by the World Theater on March 30 and April 1, is the students’ way of helping to spread awareness on the problems and forms of abuse. The cast as a whole stresses the fact that everyone is affected by sexual abuse. The show helped to highlight that anyone, even your best friend and classmate, could be suffering through these horrific events.

The production featured an assortment of monologues and stories about sexual assault and sexual abuse. It spread statistics about how most sexual assaults are committed by people the victim knows or trusts and how it could be anybody from your neighbor to the priest at the local church. The Mending Monologues promotes awareness that sexual assault and abuse is not just a female issue, but can affect everyone.

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