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Ned’s Quantum Time Theory

April 17, 2017

This article was written by Naomi Parrilla

Our very own Sci-Fi novelist.

Ned Huston, a professor of our very own here at CSUMB has published his first novel Quantum Time Theory. The first in his five- book series. Ned Huston stated that he has always been a science fiction fan but that the novel all began with a dream; a dream about change in time and his need to seek shelter, that is what sparked inspiration. Huston began writing around 96’-97’ and then quit writing for about thirteen years. He began to take up his writing once again about three years ago just after moving to the Monterey area. Once he began writing again, he knew how to keep his story going. Ned Huston ended up writing the first five novels of his Si-fi series each in a month. Half way through the fifth novel he said to himself; “Hey, I ought to publish these things.” Having a total of five novels in draft. Ned Huston took two years to revise the first novel- the current published novel. His second book is to be released by this summer and the third novel is hoped to be published by Christmas.

Ned Huston has a sample of his novel on his author’s website; There is a second site, a storytelling site created by CSUMB’s web design class, more info to come through


What inspired you to write this novel?
All started with a dream, a change in time and had to get to shelter. That was the beginning of the whole idea for the novel.

How long did it take you to finish the novel? Is this your first book?
Started in 1997 maybe 96, quit writing for 13 years. Started writing here 3 years ago. Wrote on it for 5 years, came here took it back up, knew how to keep going. Wrote first and second and third and fourth novel each in a month. Half way through the fifth novel said to himself “I ought to publish these things.” Almost a total of five novels in draft. Took two years to revise the first one- the one that is currently published.

What exactly is the book about story line?
Has its own theory of time. I treat time as space literally as space and I don’t really feel that anyone has done that before. They call it space but treat it like time but I treat it like space. I had to come up with a new theory of the universe a new theory of time in order to make this work.

How were you able to balance teaching and writing a full novel?
That is difficult, I try to give myself some writing time every day but doesn’t always work out, the writing energizes me. Second book comes this summer and third book comes Christmas.

Do you have any words of encouragement to those like young writers here at CSUMB who have aspirations of being a published writer?
I got very frustrated, but now I publish myself. Have to keep on trying many ways to get published and may not always succeed but you have to keep on trying.

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