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#ottercliffhanger: A Man On a Mission Part 2

April 17, 2017

This article was written by Brittany Glassman

In the last Otter Cliff Hanger, we met Cal State, Monterey Bay alumni Daniel Troia. This man is on a mission to find human kindness. Troia is searching for positivity by venturing out on his bicycle. His main goal is to show that there

Daniel Troia gears up for his latest cross country search for human
kindness starting on April 14t

are good people in the world. “There is so much tension and negativity in the media, it is time to start showing positivity for a change”, Troia stated. He went on, “it is draining to see constant negativity when there is so much positivity surrounding us.” He talked about his journey across Europe and how a man in Holland walked a mile and a half just to give Troia water when he ran out. That journey was documented and made into a film titled “Two Wheels to Freedom”, which was viewed twice on campus in the last month.

Troia sets off on a new Journey April 14th. He will travel alone from Monterey to Virginia without any food or money. Troia will also be documenting his trip, but this time by hidden camera glasses. “I want to capture real reactions from the strangers I meet”, Troia explains. He is looking to get by solely through the kindness of people, more so than he has on his previous trips. “Without any money, I am putting myself in a vulnerable situation so people will want to reach out and help” says Troia. “If nothing else, I hope my journey will inspire someone to carry on kindness”, Troia says with a smile.When the media focuses on negativity, it makes us not trust people. Through his experiences he hopes to prove and find the opposite.

Along his trip he will be creating a blog. The blog will be focused on people that help him, and their story of the kindest thing that has happened to them. You can keep up with his journey through photos, videos, and the blog at The Facebook page will give an inside look of his travels, and a way to root him on as he endures weather and many other factors while biking across the country.. Best of luck on your journey Daniel Troia!

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