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Quintet Plays of Music and Culture

March 17, 2017

This article was written by Brittany Glassman

The members of Quinteto Latino: Shawn Jones plays the Bassoon, Armando Castellano playing French Horn, and Leslie Tagorda on the Clarinet, Diane Grubbe plays the Flute, and Kyle Bruckmann takes the Oboe.

The musicians of Quinteto Latino walked onto the stage without saying a word and started playing their first piece. They let the music introduce them, with each player having a small solo-like part. A quintet is a five instrument group; this one was comprised of the flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and the French horn. These five musicians had one goal in mind – to spread the Hispanic culture.

The music that the Quintet chose to perform was all composed by Hispanic composers like, Arturo Marquez from Mexico, and Gerardo Matos Rodriguez from Uruguay. Throughout their individual studies they found that they had never played or really discussed the Hispanic composers that they knew existed. Thus, they want to raise awareness of the culture that is displayed through the music.

All photos by Brittany Glassman/Otter Realm

As an audience member I felt especially moved by a piece in the first half of the performance. I could hear many things: from a grooving bass line of the bassoon, to the whimsical, playful dancing of the flute and oboe harmonizing perfectly. The piece really characterized the dance of the Hispanic Culture. The bassoon and the French horn covered the bass line, sounding off like the brass in the traditional dance, The Guadalajara. While at the same time the flute and oboe acted as the free movement of the dance.

This quintet helped me personally visualize some of the rich culture that is shared through music and dance. Thus, really accomplishing their goal to raise awareness.

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