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Registration Hassle ongoing for 2017-18

April 14, 2017

This article was written by Rebecca Faundez

An overview of the crowds that come to open house or admitted student reception events

Beware and prepare for the upcoming registration period beginning on April 17th 2017; it’s the time of the year where most let worry and fear get the best of us. Registering for classes has become more of a difficult task as the semesters pass by. When it comes to the registration period, every otter is on top of it, considering that their time as a student and finances are on the line. Why is registration becoming more difficult for otters?

Not only are students noticing the hardship that comes with finding classes; some of the faculty working in the Student Services are concerned as well. Purvi Shah, a graduating Senior who works in admissions as the Campus Tour Guide Coordinator, mentioned that CSU Monterey Bay has not seen such high numbers of people interested in

Admitted Students Check-In: Where every visiting family visits to check in or learn more about the opportunities at CSUMB.

campus tours in a long time; over 100 people come to visit daily. She has had difficulty finding classes because of registration time conflicts, waitlist options, classroom capacity, and having a short staff of professors. As a student, finding classes is hard often when trying to balance out her schedule with work or having to change a class due to her major.

Being that there are resources for students to turn to when they are in need of figuring out their schedule; there are often advisors available to help. Keyiona Ritchey, a TRiO Student Support Service Advisor, shared that she often tells her students to have backup options for classes, have all classes in their shopping cart and be in front of a computer 10 minutes before it’s time to get classes.

The senior and Advisor both notice the difficulty of finding classes and how much stress it is bringing students, they both stated that one way the registration process can become easier is if there can be more instructors available to allow CSUMB to add more courses to the catalog. Registration can become an easier process for otters only if there are more options and resources for students to explore and register.

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